Guests of Honour

Stéphane Le Mouël

Stéphane Le Mouël is a visual artist who draws his inspiration from his natural surroundings. He captures the energy of the moment, of places and the present moment.

With this energy and his gestures, he explores the great pictorial spaces, drawing on the classical foundations of drawing and the influence of his masters. A wandering painter, his studio is outside.

He works on the motif in situ. Sometimes mixing different techniques, he exploits the random reactions of the painting medium while controlling the graphics in order to catch a glimpse of subjectivity and achieve pictorial poetry. 

Véronique DUMONT

Véronique Dumont has always had a passion for clay and the image of man, which she represents through her bust portraits and her bodies in bronze or patinated terracotta, without ever working from a model. Self-taught through books and assiduous practice

in her studio in the Paris region, where she is originally from, the artist has only been sculpting for a few years. Yet her sensitive, highly precise work already demonstrates impressive maturity and technical mastery.

Véronique's highly expressive sculptures are an invitation to meet people in all their diversity. They populate a lively, singular universe, where you are drawn in by the strength of powerful faces tanned by life, moved by the gentleness of skilfully sketched features, and seized the next moment by the intensity of a kiss,

The mystery of an attitude, the mystery of a gesture or the enigma of a message hidden behind closed eyes.

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