The 2023 competition rules

  • ART. 1 - The Magné Painting Festival includes two competitions open to all artists.
  • ART. 2 - The work must be performed in the municipality of Coulon on Friday 21st and in Magné on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2023.
  • ART. 3 - All techniques are permitted (each participant is entered in one category and one category only).
  • ART. 4 - Only paper, canvas, glass and composite materials (maximum thickness 10 mm) are permitted. The format is free, with a maximum surface area of 1 m², and a monochrome background is permitted.
  • ART. 5 - Entry fees :

- Friday "in Coulon": ADULT: €15 until 30 June (no on-site registration).

- Saturday - Sunday "à Magné": ADULT: €20 until 30 June, €25 from 1 July until the first day of the festival (no registration on Sunday). JUNIOR -18 years: 10€ (registration possible on site on Saturday and Sunday morning).

Means of payment :

- Online registration on the website by credit card.

- Registration by post to Magné Animation BP 40023 79460 MAGNE: cheque payable to Magné Animation.

- On-site registration: cash, cheque made payable to Magné Animation and credit card accepted.

  • ART. 6 - Participants must report to reception from 8.00 am to have one or more blank media stamped.
  • ART. 7 - Only one signed, unframed, stamped work per participant is allowed to enter the competition.

End of competitions: "in Coulon": Friday at 3pm - "in Magné": Sunday at midday.

  • ART. 8 - The exhibition of works is open to the public on Sundays from 4.00 pm.
  • ART. 9 - The decisions of the Jury are final. Prize-giving ceremony: "in Coulon": Friday at 5.00 p.m. - "in Magné": Sunday at 6.00 p.m.
  • ART.10 - The winning works are acquired by their partners or by Magné Animation.
  • ART.11 - The works entered in the competitions may not be traded before the winners have been announced.
  • ART.12 - The authors of the winning works agree to waive their rights in favour of the partners or Magné Animation.
  • ART.13 - The 1st PRIZE in the "de Coulon" competition and the GRAND PRIX in the "de Magné" competition may not be awarded to the same artist in two consecutive years.
  • ART.14 - In each competition, no prize may be combined with another prize.
  • ART.15 - For the duration of the Magné Festival, an exhibition of artistic works, open only to participants in the competition and free of charge, will be held in the Place de l'Eglise. During each competition, participants may also exhibit some of their works near to where they were created.
  • ART.16 - Each participant is responsible for their work and equipment during the festival and may take out personal insurance if they so wish.
  • ART.17 - Magné Animation reserves the right to modify the exhibition venues if it deems that the conditions are not right for them to run smoothly. Competitions may be cancelled in the event of unfavourable or dangerous weather.
  • ART.18 - The YOUTH PRIZES in the "de Magné" competition are reserved for under-18s.
  • ART.19 - Photographic and video images taken during the two competitions and throughout the Magné Painting Festival, with a view to promoting it, are deemed to be free of copyright.
  • ART.20 - Magné Animation reserves the right to modify all or part of the rules and prizes.

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