Guests of Honour

Serge Krewiss

Serge Krewiss is a French artist who has exhibited his work throughout France, as well as in selected exhibitions in Germany, the UK and Japan.

Krewiss focuses almost exclusively on still lifes of plastic water bottles. Objects of everyday life that have become all too ordinary. Serge Krewiss invents extraordinary destinies for them. On canvas, the bottles become characters from Leonardo da Vinci or Delacroix. Water, the fragile source of life, and plastic, which is growing exponentially. The container, destroyer of the content when it seems to preserve it.

Serge Krewiss explores this inexhaustible and ambivalent theme. He has just published win the gold medal at the Salon des Artistes Français in 2023 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Véronique Piquot

Véronique Piquot, aka Pico, is a contemporary French sculptor. She sculpts the body in search of the soul that inhabits it. After spending so much time focusing on the tensions created by the practice of dance, the artist is now looking for signs of abandonment that indicate fragility, abandonment or exhaustion.

Piquot creates his portraits by studying the expressions on the subjects' faces, as well as the furrows left by time, the traces of past lives and optimism for the future.

Véronique Piquot is a committee member of the Société des artistes français and a member of the Taylor Foundation.

Claire Crétu

Claire Crétu's sculptures convey emotions that move the viewer. Most of her animal sculptures are inspired by African animals.

Through the magic of her creation, the artist manages to give an impression of life and movement to animals that are symbols of freedom. Her creations envelop us in serenity and tenderness, revealing the sensitive side of each of us. In today's world, where most wild animals are on the brink of extinction, her art is a touching way of raising awareness of this endangered animal beauty. 

The Normandy-based artist has exhibited on numerous occasions at the Salon AnimalArt in Paris and Brussels. In recent years, her work has been shown at the Deauville American Film Festival.


Capton, a painter, is a veritable sculptor of light. The artist wields technique, materials and colours, sublimating them to create a profound work of art that illustrates the animal world with rare power. The artist succeeds in touching us as close as possible to our soul.

It takes us towards a wisdom that allows us, by better understanding the animal, to better understand ourselves.

Primarily an animal painter, portraying bulls and cows, Gilles Capton sometimes devotes himself to landscapes or male nudes.

For some years now, cows and bulls have accompanied his questioning of the competence and legitimacy of Man in governing the world. Through his animal paintings, his works make us reflect on the struggle for power, exploitation and even enslavement in human societies and towards Nature.

Eva Czaplicki

Figurative, dreamlike, poetic and disturbing, Eva Czaplicki's sculptures reflect the ambivalence inherent in the artist's personality. If clay is her twin, bronze is her prodigious friend.

Most often in small sizes to add difficulty to the creation, to sign her talent with the mastery of minute details and to bring vulnerability to the final work, Eva also sculpts life-size sculptures.

Her work opens the doors of our imagination and plays with the immensity of our dreams. It includes: Les Sangenres, Les Petites Paroles, Les Mains d'Artistes and de muses. 

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